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Art Cinema_ «Art cinema is to be seen. After that, let’s reflect on it, so I invite you to type your comments on the film at the bottom».

I went to see the movie on Imax because it had been shot by using that format. Special effects or formats don’t drive me crazy to be honest. Message, does. Oppemheimer is directed by Christopher Nolan (who has created memorable backgrounds for Batman series and other ones with his trademark «Nolan»). The film couldn’t be managed under Nolan’s standards and the bomb literally exploted in his hands. Despite the impressive cast, the editing software was so overclicked that we can’t even enjoy their performances. The first 10 minutes could have been a good sequence but again, it was out of control because of the rush of the edition that wasn’t able to influence the audience for the craft but by decibels. In the end, he couldn’t. The last sequence does the same. Overleveled decibels that show only that light speed is faster than sound speed. Be ready to see a trailer 3 hours lenght. 

🚨 Spoiler

The thesis that Oppenheimer is a killer (set out in the first sequence) affects us the theory about the reasons why he got envolved on the project Manhattan: killing. In this case, nazis. It is a risk to bring up a killer Oppenheimer and the sequence on the poisoned apple. Oppenheimer regretted on the apple. Did he on the bomb? Nolan dared to say it. Nolan shouldn’t have taken that risk. I mean Nolan set a killing nature of Oppenheimer. It’s Nolan approach. Many people will forget it after three hours but the message was explained. I do recall it yet. 

💪 There’s something I want to remark after the radiation of this movie’s bad result: Robert Downey Jr. He finally could show his talent. He was unlucky on the performance of the last movies he worked for: terrible acting results. Ironman is a character that fits him as a fancy glove. Actually, he didn’t have to play Ironman, he just spoke.

However, here on Oppenheimer he is the highlight of the entire movie. Downey literally holds the movie on his shoulders. Of course the only fair Oscar the movie is having next February.

Genre: Bio, Dramma.s


Remember that these ratings are subjective and may vary based on individual tastes and preferences. 


It has significant issues in terms of plot, acting, directing and production.


the movie has notable flaws that affect the experience. The plot and characters are not well developed, and the movie has lack of cohesion. Tha fail is not on production crew but cast.


It is entertaining in certain ways. The movie has a strong plot but not stand out in terms of originality or execution.


It has notable merits in terms of plot, acting, directing and cinematography. The film has a positive impression and is recommended for those who enjoy the genre or the themes it addresses.


It has a high level of quality in multiple aspects, such as an intriguing plot, outstanding performances, creative direction, and impressive cinematography. The film has a strong emotional impression and is highly recommended.

What is a movie?

🎫 Big screen audiovisual with the aim of entertaining or make you better as a human. It is the action of gathering us as collective in a theatre to enjoy a message with an audiovisual language.

Is streaming a movie?

📺 No. It is a «streaming movie». If the decision to release an audiovisual on a streaming platform goes first, it is not a movie. A movie has to be shown to the audience on the big screen firstly. Streaming movie is for laying in your bed or in your couch . 🛏 

 👨‍👨‍👧‍👦 The approach of experiencing a movie all together because it has been thought to be seen on a big screen is the soul of the real cinema experience.


e,g. (Example given)

¿Is Barbie a movie?

Yes, it is. 

Commercial Movie

Genre: Romantic comedy



I do not review neither streaming nor documentaries. I review movies only. 


English Hack:

You see a movie (Because you go out from home)

You watch a movie (you are going to enjoy it at home)

Plot= argumento

Cast= Reparto de actores

Genre= Género dramático

Character= personaje

Leading role= protagonista

Star= estrella

Starring Paul Newman= protagonizada, estelarizada por Paul Newman

Trailer= Adelanto

Teaser= Señuelo. Pieza audiovisual corta de publicidad para encantar a la audiencia

Spoil= arruinar. Malcriar (a alguien)

Spoiler= información que revela el argumento de una obra. Alerón 

Effects / FX = Special effects


Filming Category

Art Cinema: Big screen audiovisual with the aim of making you better as a human. Art cinema has to be seen. That’s why I invite you to type your comments at the botton.

Commercial Movie: Big screen audiovisual with the aim of entertaining.


Genres: Both art movies and Commercial ones can fit in the next genres




Fantasy + Science Fiction (SciFi)



Romantic Comedy



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