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Indiana Jones

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Commercial Movie

It seems that the eyes of a new director has boosted the character into the origin that fans had been missing from. It is said it’s the last, box office rules, though.

Genre: Action, adventure.



Do not waste your money nor your time making the line. It isn’t even worth spending it in the combo.

You’d better wait a month to play it on streaming.

See it if there’s time left after window shopping.

It is worth it. You are going to see what the trailer and teaser promise: a big screen experience that takes your mind out from our ordinary reality.

A piece that endows us the option of dreaming of a parallel world which recreates several feelings for a couple of hours.

What is a movie?

🎫 Big screen audiovisual with the aim of entertaining or make you better as a human. It is the action of gathering us as collective in a theatre to enjoy a message with an audiovisual language.

Is streaming a movie?

📺 No. It is a «streaming movie». If the decision to release an audiovisual on a streaming platform goes first, it is not a movie. A movie has to be shown to the audience on the big screen firstly. Streaming movie is for laying in your bed or in your couch . 🛏 

 👨‍👨‍👧‍👦 The approach of experiencing a movie all together because it has been thought to be seen on a big screen is the soul of the real cinema experience.


e,g. (Example given)

¿Is Barbie a movie?

Yes, it is. 

Commercial Movie

Genre: Romantic comedy



I do not review neither streaming nor documentaries. I review movies only. 


English Hack:

You see a movie (Because you go out from home)

You watch a movie (you are going to enjoy it at home)

Plot= argumento

Cast= Reparto de actores

Genre= Género dramático

Character= personaje

Leading role= protagonista

Star= estrella

Starring Paul Newman= protagonizada, estelarizada por Paul Newman

Trailer= Adelanto

Teaser= Señuelo. Pieza audiovisual corta de publicidad para encantar a la audiencia

Spoil= arruinar. Malcriar (a alguien)

Spoiler= información que revela el argumento de una obra. Alerón 


Filming Category

Art Cinema: Big screen audiovisual with the aim of making you better as a human.

Commercial Movie: Big screen audiovisual with the aim of entertaining us.


Genres: Both Art Movies and  Commercial Movies can fit in the next genres:




Fantasy + Science Fiction (SciFi)



Romantic Comedy



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