¡Rifa de primavera!

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  1. Wooden stand for laptops
  2. Wired numerical Keyboard
  3. Vertical  ergonomic  rechargeable wireless mouse
  4. Pad mouse
  5. A pair of comfortable gummies to work from home (color and size customized by the winner)

How to take part of it

  1. Go to TizApp
  2. Sign in at «My Invoices»
  3. Update your personal information in «Your details».


  1. All one-on-one students can participate.
  2. On september 10th at 5pm I’ll be broadcasting the raffle by Youtube so, that’s the due date to update the info.
  3. The system is an automatic application that randomly pick one of my students. If he/she has the info updated by the moment of the live raffle, wins all the items.
  4. The shipping is on Félix Cancelado.