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An abbreviation formed from the initial letters of other words and pronounced as a word. Acronyms are often used by texting on WhatsApp or applications like Slack, among others.

LMK= let me know. (házmelo saber, mantenme al tanto)

NBD= No big deal (no hay lio, no es problema, no es para tanto).

TMI= (¡Demasiada información!) too much information. (Generalmente en sentido negativo).

GOTTA= (tengo que…) I have got to… / I have to…

TTYL= Talk to you later (te hablo más tarde).

TTYT= (te hablo mañana).

YOLO= You  only live once (sólo se vive una vez).

Abreviaciones de hoy: BC=Because / Fri= Friday / BTW= By the way

Mon= Monday


Wed= Wednesday

Thu= Thursday

Fri= Friday

Sat= Saturday

Sun= Sunday

Tom= Tomorrow

IDN= I don’t know / DM= Direct Message

TBH To be honest / CU= see you

RU = are you / OMW = On my way (en camino) / ping= avisar, notificar

Pt= presentation / OTOH= Por otro lado…

Deadline= fecha límite / Tue= Tuesday ( martes) / shot= oportunidad / NVM= nevermind ( no importa).

JK= Just kidding ( no es en serio) / LOL = Laughing Out Loud (reirse a carcajadas).

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